We are harful company, through a combination of advanced technology in this type of PMS machines and careful customer service, we have received the recognition of more and more elevator manufacturers which has allowed us to establish a close collaboration with the elevator manufacturers worldwide. The success of our client is our success. We are convinced that our company only has value through the creation of customer value.

Using our own internal patents and by combining the most advanced technologies available in Europe. Our company has been able to produce the most advanced PMS traction machines, providing excellent products and global solutions for the elevator field worldwide, always keeping in mind our competitive pricing policy.

Each series of products has the most advanced technology available in the elevator industry, such as the “internal” rotor structure, which allows high efficiency with tight energy consumption, all coupled with a smooth and quiet movement. Speaking of safety, our proprietary and patented disc brake allows high torque, high safety and extreme reliability, and this with a noise level below 50 dB, which places it among the best in the world.

With a very compact structure, our PMS machines allow space in the elevator shaft, increase ease and reduce costs for the builder, which means maximum profitability for our customers.