By a combination of leading technology in PMS gearless traction machines and highly active customer service, we have been recognized by more and more elevator manufacturers and been able to established close cooperation with elevator manufacturers worldwide. Customer’s success is our success. We are convinced our company only has value through creating customer’s value. Using our own “in-home” patented design and combining the most advanced technologies available in Europe and China. Our company has been able to produce the most advanced PMS Traction Machines, providing excellent products and overall solutions for the elevator field worldwide, whilst keeping in mind our competitive pricing policy. Every product series enjoys the most advanced technology available in the elevator industry, like internal rotor structure that all of them operate with extremely smooth and quiet movement. Talking about safety, our disk brake “in-home” design 50db, performs among the best in the world. With a very compact structure, our PMS machines save space for the elevator shaft, increase installation convenience and decrease construction costs for building providing maximum profitability for our customers.

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European Design

European design with internal rotor and horizontal structure, uses two large bearings on both sides that avoid structural stress.
Its low operating noise level and the absence of vibration make the passenger feel more comfortable and safe.

Extremely Smooth

BY adding the load of the elevator system, the space of the magnetic system does not undergo any change. Engine operation is extremely smooth.

Compact Structure

uses design and integration of optimal systems to obtain a compact structure reducing the volume and allowing a greater length in relation to the diameter.

Low Noise

The operating noise level for all our motor and brake systems is less than 50 dB and is among the best in the elevator industry, allowing installation without machine room, reducing costs.

High Efficiency

High torque and high overload capacity, efficiency reaches 95%.

Saving Energy

Highly efficient use of energy, to protect the environment.

Lower Cost

Saves space for the elevator, which increases the comfort of the installation and lowers construction costs.

Be Safe

The axial braking system with double friction torques makes it possible to increase the braking torque and reduce torsional vibrations, allowing high levels of safety and extreme reliability. This avoids the need to adjust the brake disc.

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